Simple for parents, Fun for Children

See Words: Home takes the stress out of teaching your child to read for parents of children ages 4 – 7. It is an engaging and educational tool that will provide your child with the basic fundamentals of reading by offering:

  • 14 pre-programmed lessons each with 4 levels for mastery of content
  • Content aligned with classroom curriculum
  • No monthly fees or ads

See Words: Home

Turn screen time into education time. Eliminate the frustrations that can occur when struggling to read. Kids are encouraged by the character Billy who applauds their efforts and cheers them on.

    Levels for Mastery

    Level 1: Building blocks

    Letter-Sound Relationship: Readers trace letters, unlocking a series of photographic images that begin with that letter’s sound, prompting them to say them aloud. This helps students remember the letter-sound correspondence. Readers’ voices and interactions are recorded for a teacher to access and review within their app.

    Level 2: Guided practice

    Building Words: Readers build words using word families and the sounds they learned in Level 1. A reader can access the visual cues if they need help, through the sound tiles. Once a new word has been built, readers are prompted to verbally record themselves reading the word. This is saved for teachers to access and review.

    Level 3: Acquiring word skills

    Spelling: Readers spell words as they are spoken to them, using the sound tiles included. Once a new word has been built, the word is saved for teachers to access and review.

    Level 4: Learning inside connected text

    The Storybook: A story is read to students as the print is highlighted so that students can follow along. Then, students are prompted to touch letter(s) that correspond to a spoken phoneme. Letters are dynamic and help to reinforce the sound/letter correspondence.


    Simple and easy learning

    “I loved that it was simple and sequential. It started with a letter and guided them through the steps of reading from tracing to finding the sound and then spelling. Sometimes, we give the kids too much. This was just right.”

    – Annie, Kindergarten Teacher & Mother of Two

    Shows the steps to reading

    “It shows me exactly what we need to do to learn to read. It is all right there in the 13 simple lessons.”

    – Megan, Parent of a Pre-K Son

    Convenient and easy to use

    “Family time is already busy. I needed something easy to fit in our busy days. With See Words: Home, we can sit down for 15 minutes before bed or while waiting in the car.”

    – Abby, Mother of Three


    No messy subscriptions – just a one time fee: Download the app from the Apple App Store. Help your child start on Lesson 1. Then, watch as their skills take off!

    One Time Fee


    “Costs less than a book, but teaches SO much more.”

    – Nancy, Parent

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