See Word Design

Our mission: To help every individual learn to read.

Background: In 2007, Renee Seward’s dear friend’s son, Caleb, was struggling to read.  Caleb, like many dyslexic children, had difficulty with the way that the letters were laid out on the page.  Being a graphic designer, Renee believed she could help.  Renee applied graphic design principles to embed pictures into letters and with the help of educators and student input, built an app called See Words: School.   The app was tested in the Cincinnati Public School System and has evidence-based results with struggling readers – not only dyslexic readers.  In addition, See Words: School has been tested in 5 schools in Singapore and has shown promise with phonics instruction with bilingual beginning readers. Through many years of research and discovery, See Word Design was established and recently launched three patent-pending products:  See Words: School, See Words: Home and the newest game-changing browser-extension, See Words: Anywhere (in beta).

    Renee Seward
    Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

    Nancy Koors
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Steve Daly

    Steve Daly
    Chief Technology Officer

    Oscar Fernández
    Font Developer

    Akshat Srivastava
    API Developer

    Dr. Beth O’Brien
    Educational Contributor

    Dr. Allison D. Breit-Smith
    Educational Contributor